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It matters who your lender is.  Honestly, it really does.  When we receive offers on our listings, one of the most important questions we ask is, "Who is the lender?"  It is important to the strength of the offer.  A good lender can mean the difference between you getting the property or not.  Agents know when an offer comes in with an experienced, reputable lender, there is a greater chance that it will actually make it to the closing table.  

We work with the best in the lending business and you are welcome to connect with them too!  These pros have excellent communication skills, and their performance is driven by their "can-do" attitude and backed up by their track record in the the field.  They offer a variety of loan programs that will meet your needs and help you realize your real estate dream.  Feel free to talk with more than one, or choose one of your own, and see who is the best fit for you and your circumstances. There is no obligation, and we are not otherwise affiliated with their business.  But, we do LOVE working with them! (And we believe you will too!)

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Barbara Mangulis 

Direct: 605.431.4441


Epoch Lending


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Aric Lopez

Direct:  605.393.7183

CMG Mortgage, Inc.


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Laci Soca

Direct: 605.690.9005

USA Mortgage


New Construction Loans

Whether you need a loan for land to build on, or a loan to construct a home, or for a commercial building, or land development, these are the guys you need to speak with.  They have a variety of loan options to meet your specific needs.  They are nice to work with and you'll get a quick response.  Check them out today!

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Frank Villelli

Construction Loans